Introducing… XTEND Pilates - Xtend Barre
Experience our high performance workout today - 5 classes for $50!

What is XTEND Pilates?

We wanted to create a Pilates workout that mirrored what we love about our XTEND Barre workout (the high intensity, the pumping music, the sweat, cardio and burn, and the way our classes flow seamlessly. We know the list is endless!). In order to do this, we have taken the foundation exercises from Mat and Reformer Pilates that that we know are fantastic for strengthening and sculpting, and set them to music to increase the calorie burn.

In XTEND Pilates, you will move your body through large ranges of motion and challenge yourself to find your deep stabilising muscles. This alone is enough to increase your heart rate, but by adding our small props and moving in time with the music, the intensity will be increased even further and will leave you feeling strong and sweaty!

How is it different from Mat Pilates?

To step things up a notch, you will find yourself moving with and against different resistances. We are introducing the Slider Disc to reduce friction, and increase the requirements of working with precision, control and concentration. This prop will allow your instructor to program similar exercises that you would find on a Pilates Reformer, which helps to improve your balance, co-ordination and, of course, strength.

The opposing challenge will be found using the stretch bands, weights and MagiX Circle. With additional resistance, your muscle endurance is challenged, and by always working with control and precision, the results will be improved strength and stability. The above, coupled with the Pilates focused breath work, will help you find your centre and the powerhouse muscles that, when activated and strong, can improve co-ordination and proprioception.

Above all else, our super talented instructors will constantly have eyes on your form and technique to ensure you are working to your challenge zone in every class. XTEND Pilates is all about form and focus, but like all of our signature workouts, we’re bringing the fun, flow and fire to Pilates.

Contact your local studio to find out more, and to book your class and experience the amazing benefits of XTEND Pilates!