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[email protected] is our online workout program that builds strength and confidence and delivers results, wherever you are.

With a timetable of over 35 live-streamed classes every week from Xtend Barre, Pilates, Yoga, HIIT and more, there’s a class for whatever mood you’re in. Our incredible team of instructors will guide you through the moves and keep you on your toes (literally), giving you the feeling of the real in-studio experience from the comfort of your own home.

What’s Included?

Our full XTEND membership gives you the best of both worlds, with access to one class per day in studio and UNLIMITED online live streamed classes. This means that you can #barrewhereveryouare and continue to Xtend your limits with us, even when you can’t get to the studio.

• Unlimited live-streamed classes
• Diverse timetable of over 35 classes per week
• Closed Facebook community group
• Exclusive access to the best instructors from our studios across the country



[email protected] has been a godsend in these strange COVID-19 times – at first I thought they would fill a gap but now I am addicted – I’ve increased the number of classes each week and love the diversity of instructors and classes. Unique offerings like Yin Yoga and Stretch classes have been a wonderful counterbalance to the brilliant mix of Xtend Barre and Pilates Mat classes. I am loving being back at my home studio, but will continue to do [email protected] as it fits in so well with my schedule.

Tara M, Eastern Beaches member

I have really loved all of the online content and been spoilt by the quality and quantity. Your classes have been so good for an old body that has been ravaged by high impact classes and over-use in the past 30 years. It’s been such a joy to not be in constant pain but to slow it down with the great quality Pilates and yoga classes. Covid has taught me that it’s not all about going like a bat out of hell, plus your instructors’ constant reminders to be kind to your body and yourself has made me do just that.

Sandi S, Osborne Park member

I’ve wanted to be an Xtend Barre member after trying a class in Sydney but was disappointed when I couldn’t find one where I lived. Then I came across [email protected] during Covid isolation and it’s been the best workout I’ve ever done, I’m not a morning person and I’m jumping out of bed for my 6/7 o’clock class (helps that I only have to walk to my front room). I’ve not exercised consistently for about 3 years and I’m now on my 75th day of classes, the instructors and variety of workouts are amazing, I feel stronger both physically and mentally and I’m loving my new shape.

Michelle M, NSW

[email protected] has meant that I can continue to connect with my favourite instructors (and meet new ones) all while getting the workouts I love in a way that works for me!

Daisy T, St Lucia member