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Zahra Voss

Zahra Voss

"Listen to your body, embrace and challenge it to your full potential!"

Zahra has always had a passion for dance and performance, coming from a musical theatre background and developing a strong love towards fitness and movement for all bodies. Zahra began dancing at the age of three and has training in Classical Ballet, Comercial Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary. Alongside this having an interest in singing and acting allowed her to follow her passion, studying a Bachelor of Music (Music Theatre) at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM). After finding the Xtend Barre workout she fell in love with the combination of dance and Pilates. Her love for Xtend’s values and positive attitude towards exercise is something she wishes to reflect onto the clients, creating an inclusive and high rewarding sweaty class! Her loud and bubbly performance persona is something she hopes will offer her clients the challenge to sculpt and strengthen their whole bodies. Zahra can’t wait to meet you at the Barre!

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

Side Barre Battements

Members would describe me as

Supportive, Bubbly, Passionate, and Energetic!

Something on my bucket list

Skiing in the Swiss Alps