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Ririn Febriyanti

Ririn Febriyanti

"The stillness you seek is never can be find in the busy mind, when the mind still the body reminds unmoving there's you mind can find what you looking for."

My name is Ririn and I’m a certified Yoga Instructor based in bayside, mother and wife also. Since I’ve tapped into the world of yoga my life never been the same and I’ve been lucky to learn from wise and inspiring individuals. Having the chance to share those lessons and experiences with my students fills me up with joy. Everyone could use more yoga in their lives, yoga is not a work-out it is work-in and this is the point to make us teachable to open our heart and focus our awareness to physical and beyond so that we know what we already know and be who we already are, so I hope to see you on the mat soon. Namaste.

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My signature move

I flow with the breath, dynamic, but focus on the alignment being playful for each movement and also be mindful all in the same times.

Song that makes me move

Daughter of the sun. Why? Because SUN isn't represent of energetic, heat, light when ever I listen this song my body just flow and feel energetic.