Niamh Hunter - Xtend Barre
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Niamh Hunter

Niamh Hunter

“If you’re happy doing what you love, nobody can tell you you’re not successful.” - Harry Styles

I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the XTEND Barre Community for 3 years and actually instructing now for 5 months! If you have been to my classes, you’ll know I love adding in a good super long Chair Plie. I am currently in my final year of studying to be a Physiotherapist and loving it.  

I was born and raised in Brisbane and studied Classical Ballet at Premier Dance Academy from 3 to 17. XTEND Barre St Lucia is part of my extended family as my mum and I often do classes together, in fact she dragged me to my first one and she is my biggest fan (or critic). 

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

A SUPER long Chair Plie.

Members would describe me as

As the seemingly innocent girl joining her mum in class by day, and the merciless instructor by night.

Song that makes me move

Gimme Gimme by ABBA.

Something on my bucket list

Working in the UK as a Physio and visiting Ireland where people can pronounce my name!