Lizzy Walkom - Xtend Barre
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Lizzy Walkom

Lizzy Walkom

Lizzy is the Principal and Founder of Pretty Little Ballerinas (2013), and presents our Xtend Petite Classes, designed for ages 2-10.

Lizzy has trained in classical ballet since the age of 5 and has done various dance styles including contemporay and hip hop. After 14 years of RAD classical ballet training and attending full-time ballet college at The Conlan College, Lizzy went on to study the CBTS program at The Royal Acadmey of Dance (2009). Once qualified Lizzy started teaching ballet classes to preschool and primary school aged children and immediately fell in love with the joy that teaching brought to her and the students she taught.
Lizzy’s classes are full of fun and love whilist focusing on techinque. The use of props and imagination in the preschool age classes make each class an exciting adventure.

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