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Janelle Mitchell

Janelle Mitchell

Janelle was introduced to Xtend Barre Drummoyne shortly after it opened. At the time she was teaching and competing in BJP Physical Culture (Physie), regularly attending yoga classes, adult dance classes, the gym, personal training and working full-time in senior knowledge management roles. So she loved that Xtend Barre offered the perfect combination of an amazing workout, strength, flexibility and a studio environment where she enjoyed going to class. Janelle also loved the effectiveness of the choreography – perfect when your health is a priority, feeling great is important and there are limited hours in the day.

As an Xtend Barre Instructor, Janelle also draws on her degrees in Communication and International Studies, her experience in senior management and facilitation and her training as a Physical Culture Teacher. Janelle is also completing a Certificate IV in Personal Training and is an Accredited Associate and Teacher with the BJP School of Physical Culture.

Janelle loves helping clients understand how their bodies’ move and enabling clients to continue to move and feel better. Janelle is a firm believer in empowering clients to achieve their goals through education, challenge and encouragement.

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