Cindy Parsons - Xtend Barre
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Cindy Parsons

Cindy Parsons

"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak."

We welcome you and look forward to sharing our passion for Xtend Barre. We created this boutique studio to provide a space where our clients could feel comfortable and free to move. All ages, genders and fitness levels are welcome to join us in any of our challenging workouts.
We know that Xtend Barre holds the potential to transform your body and your life!

My signature move

Probably a high/low for arms or chair plié hold at the barre.

Members would describe me as

Fun? Crazy? Classes have been described as ‘the party class’.

Song that makes me move

I love all music but I’m a sucker for 80’s tunes and Britney Spears but also love a chunky slow jam by sneaky sound system to cool down with.

Something on my bucket list

Italy. (Birthplace of my Kona). I’m currently actually writing an intense stage drama about this: it’s called waiting for meatballs.