Brittany Sears - Xtend Barre
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Brittany Sears

Brittany Sears

"You have ONE life, TAKE the risk, EXPLORE the places, CHALLENGE yourself, LOVE yourself and everyone around you, DO what makes YOU.. YOU."

Born and raised in Perth, Brittany’s passion for dance started at the age of 2! Trained in genres such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and acrobatics & movement, an active lifestyle has always been Brittany’s priority in life. Her passion and love for XTEND Barre started two years ago at the Currambine studio and has never looked back. There’s no way to describe the way an XTEND Barre class makes you feel other than INCREDIBLE.
It is her home away from home surrounded by a beautiful, friendly community and she knows this will be a life long career.

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

Chair Plie.

Members would describe me as

Britt the little pocket rocket

Song that makes me move

Untouched - The Veronicas

Something on my bucket list

To buy a one way ticket to travel & explore all of Europe for a year with my best friend Abbey.