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Beth Criddle

Beth Criddle

Beth grew up dancing and performing – you name it she did it: ballet, tap, drama, national character (her favourite was Polish!), musical theatre, jazz, contemporary and probably more but she can’t remember. Injury then stopped her in her dancing tracks at 19 and she quickly found a passion in the health and fitness industry instead working at fitness centres while at university studying business/event management.

She then studied personal training and group fitness and has been in the fitness industry ever since (17 years!!). She has worked in corporate health and wellness as a presenter and consultant, as a gym manager, and then owned her own PT and group fitness business before having her 2 kids.

She found Xtend Barre when it first came to Perth and fell instantly in love with it as it combined all her passions. She loves everything about Xtend – the dance elements, the fitness and sculpting, the community (both clients and staff), and the amazing results it provides mentally and physically.

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