Feel confident

Whether you’ve danced before or never danced in your life our classes are a great combination of cardio, resistance and strength training. To get the most out of your first class here’s a few things you’ll need to know.

  1. Be ready. Turn up 20 minutes early.
  2. You’ll need some grip socks. Bring your own or you can buy them here.
  3. It’s tough and you’ll sweat, so bring a towel and plenty of water.
  4. We have changing rooms and lockers to keep your kit safe.
  5. 5 minutes late is too late. You’ll have to join us next time.
  6. If you have any niggling injuries or may be pregnant please let us know. Your trainer has a stash of alternative moves.
  7. Changing your class is no problem. Check with your studio for its cancellation policy.
  8. And enjoy it!