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Like me, you may find it is a little intimidating starting something new, especially something that is way out of your comfort zone! I have been introducing people to Xtend Barre for almost 5 years now, and it still amazes me to see total sceptics and beginners become addicted to the workout, almost instantaneously!

As an Xtend Barre Instructor and studio owner, one of the biggest challenges I face is getting people to take that first step. Because I know once they do – there’s no turning back!

First off – let’s set the record straight – you most certainly do not need to be a prima ballerina to Xtend! You can feel confident that Xtend Barre is not a dance class – it’s a multi-level class geared to challenge bodies of any age or gender, and suitable for those from any fitness background!

Settle your nerves and take a look at what to expect from your first Xtend Barre class.

  1. On arrival:

When you arrive, you’ll get the opportunity to discuss any injuries or concerns you may have with your instructor. This will allow your instructor to modify movements for you throughout the class, so you are working out safely and effectively. Don’t be afraid to raise any issues, as the instructor may just have a brilliant go-to exercise for you. We thrive off helping you get the most out of your workout, so talk to us!

Don’t let the fear of aggravating an injury hold you back either. Through drawing upon the foundations of pilates, Xtend Barre is great for rehabilitation. Practicing Xtend Barre will increase the longevity of your joints and can help to eliminate aches and pains.

  1. Centre floor:

Once that music starts pumping, we are ON! Expect a 5-minute invigorating warmup, getting the blood flowing and warming up the entire body with easy to follow movements. The flow and transitions are seamless, and your instructor is passionate, so absorb the energy! Following your warm up, you will then collect light hand weights and the upper body series will move you to sculpt, define and strengthen your shoulders, biceps, triceps and upper back muscles.

We only use a maximum of 1kg hand weights (phew!) but trust me – they are fierce when used correctly!

  1. Meet you at the barre:

Expect 25-minutes at the barre focused and poised. If you are not already addicted by now, you will be! With your eyes in the mirror, follow the simple directions and timing of your instructor. At the barre, you will find your strength! Keeping the breath steady, bursts of cardio, dynamic movements and isolated exercises will bring you into your absolute challenge zone. You will challenge your balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance. All delivered via a simply choreographed and seamlessly cued workout – that even the most uncoordinated can master!

  1. Down on the mat:

Expect exercises here to dramatically strengthen your core. You can think of it as traditional pilates but with an Xtend Barre flair. On the floor, you will perform creative and effective abdominal exercises. But beware – your instructor will always find a way to get another set of 8 out of you before the end of class!

  1. Dim the lights:

You made it! You’ll always finish an Xtend Barre class with a nurturing stretch, relaxing your body and mind after a vigorous workout, before returning to standing position for a strong and calming balance finish. You can feel confident as a beginner in any Xtend Barre studio. The versatility of each exercise makes this workout right for any BODY.

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Stacey Chew is Co-Owner of Xtend Barre Burleigh – Gold Coast.  She has a professional dance background and has taught dance and fitness for over 20 years. Stacey was previously Wellness Coach and Trainer at The Golden Door Health Retreat.