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Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial for maintaining good health and working out safely in the Summer heat. But, for a lot of people, hitting the recommended 2L a day goal isn’t always something that’s easily achieved!

If you feel like you don’t keep hydrated throughout the day, consider some of the benefits of drinking water that you might be missing out on.

Why should you drink water and keep hydrated?
Our bodies are primarily made from water, with an average human being composed of 60% water. So, keeping your body hydrated during the day and after exercise is hugely important in maintaining your natural H2O balance.

Feeling thirsty is a universally accepted sign of dehydration, but you can stay ahead of this by drinking regulated amounts of water throughout the day. Luckily for us, staying hydrated has a whole range of health benefits for the human body and does a lot more than just stopping us from feeling thirsty.

What are the health benefits of drinking water?

  1. You’ll keep your joints lubricated
    The cartilage inside your joints and spinal disks contain roughly 80% water. This high water content helps maintain your joints’ ability to absorb shocks during the day and when exercising. So, drinking plenty of water helps to keep your joints healthy and also prevents joint pain as a result of dehydration.

  2. It helps to rid your body of waste
    Keep hydrated and you’ll help your body maintain a regular waste removal process, keeping you feeling healthy as a result.

  3. You’ll absorb more beneficial nutrients
    Water helps us to circulate beneficial nutrients around our body. If we become dehydrated, our body’s natural nutrient transportation system can’t function as well as it should.

  4. It can drastically improve the health of your skin
    Our skin can be incredibly sensitive and become easily inflamed if our body is unable to clear the toxins it needs to. Inflamed skin can lead to clogged pores and acne, but drinking water helps to clear out the toxins that cause the skin to react in the first place.

  5. You’ll see a reduction in headaches
    Headaches can occasionally be brought on by dehydration, so try to drink water more if you’re prone to regular headaches.

  6. It can play a part in improving your mood
    Without drinking enough water, you might find that you see low dips in your mood. According to research, dehydration can bring on fatigue and confusion as well as anxiety in some people.

  7. You’ll achieve more when working out
    Some athletes lose between 6-8% of their total body weight when exercising. Hydration also plays a part in how well your muscles operate and affects your strength across the board.

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