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Experience our high performance workout today - 5 classes for $50!

That’s right, if you thought Xtend Barre was a ballet class – you’re mistaken. If you thought Xtend Barre was just another barre workout – think again. Xtend Barre might just be the heavy hitting, calorie crunching, sweat HIIT session you’ve been looking for!

Xtend Barre Studio Owner and Head Trainer at Xtend Barre Mosman, Manly and Mona Vale, Adam Nable, has developed a heart racing, high intensity interval class that is now available in many Xtend Barre studios across Australia. This unique class is a different kind of challenge to our signature barre classes, appealing to both the ladies and the gents, the gym buffs and the athletes, and giving Xtenders a great way to cross train all under the one XB roof!

Enter Xtend Barre Circuit 7

Circuit 7 consists of 7-minute rounds of work on your mat, using weights, balls and a band. The workout combines upper body, lower body and abdominal training with 2 x rounds of HIIT.

Sound hard?  It is. But at 45-minutes a class – the good news is you’ll be in and out before you have time to think about wiping off the sweat!

Even better – like all HIIT style training sessions, this unique formula of hard out intervals followed by short periods of rest (1-minute) means you’ll still be burning calories for up to 48-hours after you finish class!

And the benefits don’t end there.

Check out these key reasons why you should leave any hesitations at the door, and make Circuit 7 a part of your regular fitness regime – no matter how you usually train!

  1. It hits small muscle groups that you don’t normally work in the gym

It’s still Xtend Barre inspired – so you’ll learn how to make movements with the RIGHT muscles and train your body to engage muscles you wouldn’t normally tap into. Think training with purpose, targeting muscles and moving with precision.

  1. It trains balance and coordination

Nable says Circuit 7 is designed to improve balance, coordination and flexibility, which are all major tenants of barre and can be an asset for clients in and outside of the barre studio. “Balance and body awareness are particularly important,” he says. “Mastering this technique in a barre class translates perfectly back in a big gym environment where lots of people are lifting heavy weights.”

  1. It teaches flexibility

“The emphasis is on reaching long into each exercise, using length not height in our reps, using less momentum and more control,” explains Nable. “This encourages and increases flexibility over time, combined with stretching at the end of each class to cool down. It’s a great and often unexpected benefit of avid gym-goers giving a barre workout a go.”

Liz Nable is the Founder and Director of Xtend Barre Northern Beaches with studios in Mosman, Manly & Mona Vale. She is a Senior Xtend Barre Instructor and is Pilates certified. Liz is also the Founder and Director of Nable Active.