Why changing your training routine is key this summer - Xtend Barre
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With lighter and warmer days on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to change up your workouts. Use the change in seasons to power up your fitness routine this Spring for an unstoppable Summer workout!

Follow our top tips for changing workout routines and learn more about how different forms of training complement each other to empower you to achieve your best.

  • What’s the science saying?
    There’s no doubt that health and happiness go hand in hand, but what’s the ideal fitness routine to help you achieve it?
 One thing we know for sure is that you can’t forget about the science that’s going to help you to feel and perform your absolute best.Your body has an amazing ability to adapt to almost any environment, so keeping it guessing with the exercise you do is really important. Otherwise, you might find that you hit a plateau and don’t progress with your goals like you once did.

  • How can you vary your summer workout?
    For a lot of people, changing workout routines comes down to preventing boredom. But, we think it should come down to feeling inspired and staying science smart while you’re at it.

  • Love the feeling of getting outside more
    With the weather getting warmer and the skies clearer, there’s no reason not to take your workout into the great outdoors. Carry on with your favourite class but complement it with a workout outdoors. Anything from a run, to a bike ride or a walk will help boost your levels of vitamin D and elevate your mood.

  • Mix up the intensity of your fitness routine
    Not everyone can take their workout up an intensity level, but many people surprise themselves at just how far they can go. Try pushing yourself further one day and take the next day to do a low impact class like Xtend Stretch, which will allow your body to recuperate ready for your next workout.

  • Try out new outdoor activities
    Ever tried kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, beach frisbee, or volleyball? There are so many exciting outdoor activities for you to enjoy, especially with summer right on the horizon. Trying out different outdoor activities can help to condition your body in new ways and give you an opportunity to aim for new personal achievements.

  • Treat yourself to a new class
    Gym and fitness classes can really help inspire you to achieve more, especially when brought into your overall training program. Barre fitness gives you the burn of a full workout and places health and happiness at its core.

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