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Why consistency in barre is key

There is a saying in dance companies, “miss one day and you notice it, miss two days and everyone notices it!” Dancer or not, consistency is key for getting the best results from your barre training! Here are a few reasons why: It will reduce muscle soreness New clients will sometimes experience muscle soreness after […]

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‘I was told I would never dance again’

  Chloe Dallimore’s life came crashing down after a freak accident left her right arm completely immobile. But despite what the doctors told her, she was able to cure her chronic pain through Pilates and dance. “You will never dance again, your arm will be frozen at a 45 degree angle, and you definitely won’t […]

Key tips for nailing your barre technique

If you haven’t tried barre before, you might be mistaken in assuming it’s a dance class. But let me get one thing absolutely clear, Xtend Barre is not just a workout for dancers. People with dancing backgrounds often love Xtend Barre (myself included) but it’s a workout that can be enjoyed and sustained by anyone. […]