Practicing barre while pregnant

Xtending with a baby bump

For me, pregnancy has been filled with equal measures of relief, excitement and uncertainty. You can’t help prematurely thinking about the long term (I’m sure I’m not the only person who started thinking of baby names within hours of finding out I was pregnant!), but you’re also dealing with the reality of NOW – hormones, […]

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Why everyone from Victoria Secret Models to your Mum is Xtending at the Barre

QUESTION: What’s that thing called the morning after your first Xtend Barre class when your hamstrings are crying and the rest of your body is screaming at you in a foreign language? ANSWER: This is your body’s way of letting you know that you entered ‘The Challenge Zone.’ WELL DONE! Because anyone can walk into […]

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Training for a fun run or marathon? Here’s how barre can get you over the finish line!

Running increasingly longer distances isn’t the only way to prepare for a Fun Run or Marathon. In fact, professional long-distance runners incorporate a whole range of strength and conditioning exercises into their weekly workout schedule. These exercises are key for ensuring your muscles are strong around the joints and prepared for the intensity and longevity of running a long distance. Strength […]

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Woman having fun practicing barre

Why consistency in barre is key

There is a saying in dance companies, “miss one day and you notice it, miss two days and everyone notices it!” Dancer or not, consistency is key for getting the best results from your barre training! Here are a few reasons why: It will reduce muscle soreness New clients will sometimes experience muscle soreness after […]

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The Health Checks you need at every age

Leading Aussie experts reveal what you need to do to stay in tiptop shape at every life stage.  In your 30s: ‘Establishing good health habits early means you can enjoy a longer and happier life’  Check 1: Stress We’ve all felt it. In small doses stress can be a positive force, motivating you to perform […]

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5 postnatal exercises to do with your newborn

I will never forget driving home from the hospital after having our first baby. The shiny new baby seat that had been empty, ready and waiting, now had a little person in it. My husband and I both looked at each thinking, ‘what happens now!’ We survived the car trip home, the sleepless nights to […]

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xtend dance movement

‘I was told I would never dance again’

  Chloe Dallimore’s life came crashing down after a freak accident left her right arm completely immobile. But despite what the doctors told her, she was able to cure her chronic pain through Pilates and dance. “You will never dance again, your arm will be frozen at a 45 degree angle, and you definitely won’t […]

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Five reasons you need to hit the barre

It’s the new wave of exercise giving everyday people a ballerina’s body. All my life, I have avoided gyms as much as Kim Kardashian dodges talking about her 72 day marriage. The scary equipment, the peppy instructors, the thought of having to sweat and breathe heavily next to strangers? No thank you! And while I […]

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Here’s what you can expect from your first barre class

Like me, you may find it is a little intimidating starting something new, especially something that is way out of your comfort zone! I have been introducing people to Xtend Barre for almost 5 years now, and it still amazes me to see total sceptics and beginners become addicted to the workout, almost instantaneously! As […]

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